Global Standards

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Standard For Certifying Carbon Emissions Reductions

Our projects are developed and managed through strict internationally recognized carbon standards. Every project is audited regularly by an independent third-party organization that ensures the environmental integrity of our projects. Every carbon credit sold on our platform is registered with one of the following Global Standards.

Gold Standard Registry.

The Gold Standard Impact Registry tracks environmental assets like carbon credits as well as the associated sustainable development impacts of Gold Standard-certified interventions.

VCS is the world's most widely used GHG program.

Verra program has nearly 1,700 certified VCS projects that have collectively reduced more than 630 million tones of carbon and GHG emissions from the atmosphere.

American Carbon Registry

American Carbon Registry (ACR), a nonprofit enterprise founded in 1996, is the first voluntary greenhouse gas registry in the world.

California Climate Action Registry

Founded in 2001, the California Climate Action Registry is a program of the Climate Action Reserve committed to solving climate change through emissions accounting and reduction.

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