The Green Evolution - Solution to climate change

Path to sustainable transformation

Solaxy Group is a leading environmental green tech company providing possible solutions for global warming and climate change. Solaxy Group invests and develops extensive emissions reduction projects that turn climate action into long-term opportunities for small business owners, organizations and communities. The company’s areas of focus and investment are in renewable energy, climate investments, sustainable infrastructure and carbon exchange.

Commitment to Sustainability

Carbon Removal Solutions

We champion carbon removal solutions through science and innovation. We design & operate a range of action platforms that bring public and private stakeholders together to formulate an action on sustainability and climate change.

Our Development

Our projects deliver measurable benefits aligned with the aims of the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals by improving the lives, livelihoods and landscapes in the surrounding communities.

Carbon Removal Solutions

Our Solution

Solaxy Group provides cost-effective and comprehensive global solutions to climate change. As an environmental green tech company our experts are part of the core mission reductions team allowing for the creation of lasting climate impact. We create and fund initiatives that cut carbon emissions, safeguard biodiversity, and benefit local communities all around the world.

We believe that a more prosperous future is within reach, but only if everyone plays their part. 


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